Cody Ziglar

Is a LA based director, writer, & podcast producer. Coming up through The Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, where Cody produced Matt Walsh’s podcast UCB SPORTS AND LEISURE & several other shows for the UCB Comedy Podcast Network. His style of comedy is a mixture of avant-garde & surrealism heavily inspired by his early days of working at Adult Swim. Cody is currently writing and producing podcast at Earwolf including SCAM GODDESS, YO, IS THAT RACIST, THE WOKEST,  and MATT WALSH AUDIO ADVENTURES. His work has been featured on Cartoon Network, All Def Digital, Cracked, Funny or Die, iHeartRadio/How Stuff Works, UCB Comedy, Buzzfeed, WhoHaHa, Soulpancake, & Adult Swim. His recent short All About Animals: Director's Panel Pilot Presentation was a finalist in the 2018 Toronto Sketch Comedy Film Festival and was an official selection for The 2019 Sharjah Film Platform. 


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